Welcome to Idunns Apples

Hello and welcome to Idunns Apples.

Idunn's Apples is a Heathen Hearth. We follow the traditions and beliefs of the Northern Tradition. We work with Heathen Gods, Goddesses, Wights, Dwarves, Elves, and with some Giants. We work with both the Aesir, Vanir. Celebrating the Heathen festivals, which are called Blots.

We are based in Dorset. The main moot meeting place will be the White Hart pub in Wimborne Minster. It will be 7.30pm on every other Wednesday. If you plan on coming along please do get in contact.

All people are welcome to join this Hearth. No matter what your age or ethnic background. We welcome new comers. No experience required. Just a good honest interest in Heathenry and its customs and mysteries.

Below picture is the Goddesses Idunn and her Apples